Gate Regulations

1) Lake View Motor Speedway officials reserve the right to delete change or amend rules in the interest of competition.

2) Lake View Motor Speedway official’s decisions will be final.

3) Track management reserves the right to change rules as necessary during the course of a season. Any rule changes will be posted in written form on the bulletin board at the drivers’ meetings.

4) Track management reserves the right to refuse entry to any car, driver or crew- member to the pit area or the grandstand.

5) No personal folding chairs with legs are allowed in the Grandstands. Cushions, bleacher seats, or stadium seats without legs are okay.

6) Coolers are allowed, with a size limit of 14 inches or smaller.

7) Pet Policy
a. No pets are allowed in the Grandstands.
b. Pets are allowed in the Pits.

8) Smoking Policy
a. Smoking is allowed. We request if smoking around others to please be considerate.
b. Please avoid smoking in the family section.

9) Anyone entering the pit area must read and sign a release absolving track owners and officials of any safety liability. Enter the infield at your own risk.

10) Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the infield area. Parents must sign a release form for children under the age of 16 that enter the infield area.

11) No vehicles parking in the pit will be allowed to exit until race is completed!

12) Track management reserves the right to alter parking for special circumstances.

13) No passengers allowed in race cars.

14) No car allowed on track unless an emergency vehicle is present and the flagman is on duty.

15) The racing program may be delayed or stopped due to adverse weather, time restrictions, or track conditions, at the discretion of the track owner. The speedway reserves the right to place time limits on all divisions.

16) If it is necessary to cancel the race program for any reason, the program will be considered complete if one-half of the program has been completed. NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, IN CASE OF POSTPONEMENT/CANCELLATION OF EVENT, TICKETS MAY BE USED TOWARDS ONE FUTURE RACE ENTRY TO SPEEDWAY.


1) Disorderly conduct, profanity, and fighting will not be tolerated at the speedway.

2) Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited in the infield area. Any person breaking this rule will be escorted off the premises by law enforcement personnel. NO MONEY (ENTRY OR ADMISSION) WILL BE REFUNDED.

3) Track management reserves the right to inspect all vehicles entering the infield.

4) Any driver or crew-member that drinks alcoholic beverages or uses illegal drugs before or during the race program will be suspended, fined and/or barred indefinitely. Second offenses may result in permanent suspension.

5) Any of the following actions by driver, crew members or owner may result in fines up to $500, suspension or loss of up to 100 season points for the driver:
a. Crossing the track during the race program and/or approaching flag stand.
b. If you cause a disturbance in another team’s pit area, you are automatically at fault.
c. Disorderly conduct or disrespectful conduct toward track officials.
d. Destruction of facility’s property.
e. Delay of the race program. Fighting or other malicious activity detrimental to human safety may result in a fine up to $1,000, and any other punishment deemed necessary by management.

6) Drivers and car owners are responsible for the actions of their crew-members, families, sponsors, and anyone associated with the car. You can be fined and loss of points for their actions. Altercations of any type will result in immediate two race suspension and at least a $500 fine. Keep them under control.

7) Possession of weapons on the speedway premises is strictly prohibited.

8) Fines and suspensions must be settled with track management before an individual will be allowed to return to the track.

9) One-year suspensions may be for an individual calendar year, or for the race season.