1) See Carolina Clash Rules for specifications.

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2) All cars must have a tow chain or eyebolt front and rear


1) See Carolina Clash Rules for specifications.

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  • Engine location: Max 26 3/4 inches from engine plate to center of left front ball joint.

  • Headers allowed. Exhaust exit must be safe for driver.

  • One four-barrel carburetor allowed.

Engine Options

  • Option 1:
    604 Aluminum Head Sealed Crate Motor Weight 2150lbs Maximum 12” Spoiler. 1300 Hoosier Tire

  • Option 2:
     Any aftermarket cast iron block allowed. Single stage external oil pump allowed.
    • 365 cubic inch maximum. iii.
     Any flat top pistons allowed.
    • No titanium or other exotic material, crankshafts or connecting rods allowed. Steel rods and crankshafts are the only acceptable material. There must be an inspection hole, minimum 1-inch diameter, in the oil pan for rod & crank inspection. No inspection hole means that the team concerned must be prepared to pull the oil pan to allow checking by the Inspector. Refusal to comply with all reasonable inspection requests will cause the car to be deemed illegal and disqualified.
    • Any cast iron head with Factory valve to piston angle. (Example 23 degree heads on GM products)(20 degree heads on Ford products, except for Ford Racing – Sportsman #M-6049-N-351).
    • May run aluminum factory angle heads.

  • Rocker studs may be pinned or screw-in type with push rod guide plates. Shaft Rockers allowed Poly lock-nuts allowed. Valve Springs Optional. Roller rockers allowed.

    • Heads may be angle milled. Valve to piston angle cannot be changed more than 3 degrees from factory angle. No raised runner heads. Intake floor cannot exceed 3/8″ from fire deck at entrance of the intake port. Maximum valve sizes allowed: 2.08 in. intake, 1.625 in. exhaust. Porting and polishing of heads and intake are allowed. Titanium valves allowed.

    • Any flat-tappet cam – Minimum weight 2300lbs.

    • Any roller cam – Minimum weight 2350lbs with a maximum 8 inch spoiler.

    • 25lbs added weight must be in front of engine mid-plate for aluminum heads.

  • Option 3
    • GM CT525 Sealed Crate Engine
    • Weight 2350lbs

  • Option 4
    Steel Block/Steel Head/ Brodix SUPR “Spec” -365 cubic inch maximum
    Weight 2400lbs.

Fuel System

     2) Refer to Carolina Clash Rules for specifications.

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     3) Refer to Carolina Clash Rules for specifications.

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1) All weights are after race with driver and weight must be displayed on driver’s b-pillar.
2) Weight amount must be accurate to reflect chosen engine option.

Wheels and Tires

    1] American Racer SD48. SD44 for GM 602 and 604 crate engines only
2] Option: Right Rear Only American Racer MD53 or MD 56
3] Hoosier 1350. 1300 for GM 602 and GM 604 crate engines only
4] Option: Right Rear Only Hoosier 1450,1600 or harder.


  • Cars must have driver side window net or full containment racing seat with 5point harness.

  • No radios or mirrors allowed. Must use Raceceivers.