Protesting for 2019

  •  Only the driver or car owner may protest and protests are limited to the top 3 finishers in each division. Only ONE item/part can be protested. Any other items/parts in question will be considered a separate protest.

  • To protest a car, you must finish one spot behind that car. You can only protest the car that finishes in front of you.

  • The technical inspector must receive protest and protest money at the scale house immediately after the race. The protest must be accepted or declined by the protested team within five minutes of the filing of the protest.

  • Visual protests (those requiring no disassembly or removal of parts) must be made to the tech inspector before qualifying. Only one visual protest per team, per night. The visual protest fee is $25, which is retained by the track.

  • Protested car must go immediately to the protest area. If the protested driver does not accept the protest, he forfeits all points and purse money for the night and the protester will be refunded all of the protest money.

  • Protest area will be off limits to all but track personnel and two team members from both the protester and protested. The two team members can only be the car owner and driver, or if owner drives a crew chief will be allowed. If any conflict arises during the protest the protest will be cancelled by the track and the party that caused the conflict will forfeit the protest and lose the money. After a part (or parts) are ready for inspection, the tech inspector and one representative from both the protester and protested will be allowed to witness the inspection. The tech inspector’s decision at this time is final.

  • All protests which require a volume inspection (cubic inches or cubic centimeters) must be ready for inspection within 60 minutes from the time the protest is posted.

  • Cars found to be illegal will cause forfeiture of points and purse money earned that evening.

  • Once the protest is filed with the track official, it may not be rescinded unless all parties involved agree.

  • Only one protest, per division, per night allowed. There will be an equal tear down in all protest. Both parties put up equal money and show equal parts. Inspection will be part for part until tech inspectors are satisfied.

  • Cars found illegal more than one time, will lose 100 points in addition to the penalties previously described.


Division Protested Car / Protester

Late Model:                    $500 / $500

Limited Sportsman:        $450 / $450

Renegade:                      $400 / $400

UMP Mod:                       [Refer to UMP Rules]

SportMod:                       [Refer to 602 SECA Rules]

Stingerz:                         [Refer to SCDRA Rules]

Sharp Mini LM:               [Refer to Sharp Rules]

Tire protest $125 per tire / $125 per tire…No tire protest money is refunded.

If a protested car is found to be illegal, he forfeits his fee, and the protester is refunded his fee. If a protested car is found to be legal, he is refunded his fee, and the protester forfeits his fee. For example, a Late Model protest would go as follows: If the protested car is found to be illegal, he loses his $200 fee (which the track retains), and the protester is refunded his $500. If the protested car is found to be legal he is refunded his $200 and the protester loses his $500. The track will retain $200 and the balance will go to the protested car.