checkered race flag in hand.

Racing Flag Rules

Green Flag – Go!

Waved by the starter, indicating the beginning of the race. Any car not taking the initial green flag will not be scored. Also waved after a caution, letting drivers know the race has restarted. Green flag also indicates the track is free of debris.

White Flag – Final lap

The white flag indicates that there is only one lap to the finish the race.

Green and White Crossed Flags – Half way

Crossed green and white flags means it is the half way point of the race.

Blue/Yellow Flag – Passing and Overtaking

Hold your line; there is a faster car coming up from behind.

Red Flag – Stop!

Stop where you are, as quickly as possible. The red flag means the track could be completely blocked by debris, an accident, or an emergency vehicle with no safe route on the track.

Yellow Flag – Caution

Slow down; the yellow flag is a signal for caution. Drive at a slow pace and no passing. It is allowed to close the distance to the car immediately in front.

Black Flag – Infraction

The black flag generally means that there has been an infraction, requiring consultation with the track officials. The black flag rolled up indicates that the driver is doing something wrong. Immediately take your car to the pit when the black flag is being waved.

Checkered Flag –Finish Line

The checkered flag is waived to all the vehicles on the track by the starter, indicating the finish line of the race.