• Any full or midsized American made car, 1960 or later. No trucks, vans, convertibles, t-tops, 4wd, or station wagons.

  • ALL Cars must weigh 3200lbs after race.

  • Front inner fenders may be removed. Front and rear outer wheel opening may be cut for tire clearance only. Trunk floors may be removed. Frames may be replaced with tubing behind rear axle for crash damage.

  • Fabricated front fenders, doors, hood and rear fenders are allowed but must remain stock appearing. I.e. no flat sides must have some type of body lines and creases. Roof and trunk may be fabricated.

  • Boxed interiors allowed. Entire floor pan and firewalls must be in place. Stock firewall may be replaced but must be in stock location and be of like stock thickness. Any holes shall be covered with metal for driver safety.

  • A firewall must be added to separate driver from fuel cell/fuel tank.

  • Roll cage and its bars may extend through front and rear firewalls. Frame connectors allowed.  NASCAR style door bars on drivers side mandatory.

  • Racing seat, racing belts and a fire extinguisher mandatory.

  • Back of body must be closed in with 12″ panel or more. Panel must reach to bumper. Panel must be securely attached at top and both sides allowing no air to escape.

  • Rear spoiler of 5 inches by 66 inches max mounted to trunk lid. Stock Camaro may run 8” spoiler. No side spoilers. Straps of one-inch max allowed supporting spoiler.

  • Windshield must be removed, must have three bars to protect driver. All other windows must be removed; rear quarter windows may be replaced with metal or plastic.

  • STOCK APPEARING aftermarket front and rear bumper covers allowed. NO dirt late model noses allowed. Front noses must not be “laid” back excessively. If rear cover is not used must have factory type rear bumper. FULL STOCK APPEARING BUMPER COVER GETS 75LB WEIGHT BREAK

  • All weight if added must be white with car number on them. Car weight must be displayed on left front fender.

  • Body must not exceed 74” at the widest point. Spoiler deck cannot exceed 72” at the rear of the car.

  • All cars must have a tow chain or eyebolt front and rear.


  • Chassis/suspension mountings must remain as car designed (OEM). After market rear shock mounts are okay, but must be mounted in stock location. Mounts have to have one hone for trailing arm [no other adjustment holes] and the one hole has to be in the same location on the bracket as the car comes factory stock.

  • Suspension components may be interchanged in manufacturer’s line. No modifications allowed except for ball joint and bushing installation.

  • Upper control arms may be replaced with aftermarket units, all other components must be stock and bolt into stock mounts. Aftermarket bushing and ball joints may be used.

  • Stock type shocks bolted in stock position must be used. No coil springs attached to shocks except OEM McPherson struts.

  • Springs must attach in stock position. Aftermarket springs ok. Must be steel.

  • No screw jacks or wedge bolts allowed. Shims, spring rubbers, and adjustable buckets allowed.

  • Adjustable shackles and lowering blocks allowed.

  • Steering column may be changed in part or whole assemblies. Quick release hub recommended.

  • ***New For 2019*** Shocks must be steel body, mounted in stock location [steel heim joint or rubber ball type mounts okay], shocks can be factory rebuildable.

  •  ***New For 2019*** Metric cars can have screw jacks mounted on rear only.

  • ***New For 2019*** Non Adjustable rear trailing arms must be OEM and mounted in stock location. Can be braced for strength, but must remain stock length.


  • 365 CI maximum cast iron V8 engine. Must be factory production over boring allowed. Engine may be deburred for oil flow. No dry sump or lightening allowed.

  • Engine internals may be balanced, but no stroking or destroking. Stock crankshaft and rods. May run replacement assemblies, no lightweights.

  • Cast iron intake only allowed. No porting or polishing of intake of any kind allowed. May be milled to fit, one gasket per side.

  • Stock replacement flat tappet hydraulic lifters only, must be able to compress lifter after race without removal of any internal parts. Stock diameter valve springs, retainers and valves, must be steel. Roller rockers, polylocks, screw in studs and guide plates allowed. No stud girdles or aftermarket shaft rockers allowed.

  • Pistons must be OEM type, flat top.

  • Factory production cast iron head, no Bowtie, Vortec, or angle plug on GM. Acceptable replacement heads, Enginequest part # 350i and CH318a, World Product part # 4361 and 5303. 1.94 maximum intake valve. No porting or polishing of any kind. Stock valve size, ie 1.94 intake 1.5 exhaust max on SBC.

  • 2101 Aluminum intake allowed.

  • Engine externals are all-open, i.e. pumps, hoses, pulleys, brackets, oil pan, etc. Radiator and headers may also be aftermarket.

  • #1 spark plug 1.25 inches in front of corresponding ball joint. No notching of frame for clearance.

  • 602 Sealed Crate motors allowed.

Fuel System

  • No electric fuel pumps allowed.

  • Fuel cell recommended. If stock tank used must be protector from rear with bars and be secured with a minimum of two 1 inch straps. Protected fuel lines and metal filters recommended.

  • Gasoline only. No alcohol.

  • Single 2 barrel carburetor, factory stock or 500cfm 2 bbl. Choke components may be removed but not horn. No spacers, a 1inch max adaptor only allowed. No stacking of gaskets allowed.

  • Two throttle return springs required.

  • Aftermarket pedal with toe hook recommended. Cable operated throttle strongly discouraged.


  • Engine and transmission must match i.e.; GM-GM etc.

  • Flywheel and clutch must be stock diameter, no lightening. No aluminum.

  • Steel scatter shield bell housing must be used except automatic transmission must run safety blanket. A minimum 2 inch hole must be in bell housing for inspection of clutch.

  • Transmission must have working reverse.

  • Automatic transmission allowed. Coolers and or lines must be safe for driver. Must use Safety Blanket.

  • Differential may be locked. Rear disc brakes and floater type rear-end allowed for safety.

  • Steel driveshaft painted white, with safety loop installed for safety.

  • Hydraulic release bearing and pedal ok. Aftermarket brake pedal and master cylinders allowed. No brake adjusters allowed.

Electrical System

  • Wiring, switches, and gauges open.

  • Starters open must mount in stock location. Ford type relays recommended for all.

  • Stock type ignition, i.e. no MSD ignition boxes.

  • Battery may be relocated but must be securely mounted, separated from driver and located inside the body.

Wheels and Tires

  • 8-inch wide max tires.

  • Cut and/or sipe ok, no treating, prepping, softening of tires.

  • Large wheel studs allowed.

  • Any steel wheel allowed. Maximum 10”.

  • Hoosier M30 tires only.


  1) No radios or mirrors allowed. Must use Raceceivers.

  2) All cars must have driver’s side window net.